Monday, October 24, 2011

sayang , rendu ?

kayy , beerulang kpade topix eic camp . rendu la pulokk ! mcm2 dah jdi dkat eic camp neyh .

  • dri member membawak ke couple
  • dri member membawak ke scandel
  • and , aq dah jumpe member lame      
thts y EIC camp teramat sgt berharge bgi kami2 , peserte yg terlibat .

aq takan lupa lagu neyh , JANJI :-

Teach me a song and i'll sing it all my life
teach me how to camp and i'll remember for life
Just when you think it's dull
when you think its boring
come on,come on and join us in our fun


in our SEIC u'll never will regret
be at our SEIC u'll sure to be statisfied
SEIC state inglish -in-camp
will be here for a long long time .

Let sing together, don't be shy my friend
Whenever you're in trouble,just seek for help and guide
Even when you are sad, no trouble there be
Let us share the joy and sorrow, let's have fun
when it's time to go,remember to let it go,
when it's time to forgive,just accept and give,
when we will see,one another again,
let us hope,pray and wish for everyone.